Saturday, January 15, 2011


Before I start my Ramblings, I need to make you aware of what's going on in good old Oz.
I don't know whether y'all get news about what is going on here, or if you even watch the news, but it's big.
At the moment, we are having HUGE floods. HUGE.
Think about it this way, at first, an area the size of Texas was flooded in Queensland.
This got bigger. Still in Queensland.

This is an old map I found, but its gotten worse since this was made.

Peoples houses, cars, boats have been destroyed.
Peoples lives have been lost.
At the moment, the death toll stands at 16.
But there are many, many people missing, that were swept away, so they expect that number to rise, unfortunately.
They are also saying that some bodies may never be found.
My heart breaks for those people.

Not much notice was given to people.
In one report I read, the water rose 3m (approximate 10 feet) in 10 mins.
Imagine that.

And now, Victoria is flooding.
And South Australia.
And small parts of New South Wales.

We might even sink soon. I hope not, cause i love it here.

You can learn more here.

But we do need help.

You can help by donating here.

Now, i know what you may be thinking.
Australia isn't a third world country.
Australia wasn't that affected by the GFC, they must be able to help themselves.

The third world country bit is true.
So is the GFC thing.

But we do need help.

Imagine your home, being flooded to the very top of its roof and having to scramble to the roof to be safe.
Imagine seeing your house ripped apart from the force of the water.
Imagine seeing your neighbours house float by - possibly with them still in it.
Not knowing.
Not knowing where your friends are.
Not knowing where your family may be.
Not knowing when your personal belongings are. Your photos, your memories.
Not knowing where you are going to sleep tonight. Tomorrow. The next week. Month. Possibly year.

And ask yourself.
Would i want people to help me?
Would i help my neighbour?
Would i ask for help for my family?

And help.

If you still aren't sure, read this story. And this one. And this one may bring tears.

And help. Please.

This is the only photo that has made me smile in this whole situation.

More photos can be found here.
Thats where i have gotten these.

Thank you.

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