Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!!

So its Jan 26 today, (well, for me right now, anyway) which means it Australia Day for us. YAY!

I love Australia Day. I love Australia, so its a given that I LOVE Australia Day. (Greatest place on earth - just saying)

I had to work today, (SUCKS), so i didn't get to go celebrate out on the streets or anything fun like that, but living in the city - where people come to celebrate cause there is big festivities - i saw everyone coming in when i was leaving and hanging around when i came back in after work.

On my way to work it was great, loads of different people of different nationality's (is that what it is, if they are all Australian? Or is Cultures the right thing? They weren't all white Australians is all) all wearing the Australian flag, either as tattoos, shirts, hats or had flags.
It was a great feeling.

Then off to work....

Now my work has a dress code. No thongs. So sadly, even though they are iconic Aussie footwear, i didn't wear any. :(

I did wear Jean shorts and a Bonds (wifebeater) singlet.
Iconic Australian Wear, i must say.
Sadly, i didn't wear a flag at all though. :(

Ive mentioned my work a few times here, basics are i work in a call centre, part of my job is to take calls from the offshore reps when they need help.
These are people in an Asian (i guess you would call it that?) country,that are trained to speak with an American accent to help Australian customers. Makes sense right?
Anyway, i no longer really notice the account, but today when they were wishing me a Happy Australia Day, and saying GoodDay (or i guess trying to say G'day) i noticed and it made me feel so much pride.
They aren't even in the country and the euthesium in their voices when they were saying it, was great. Just great.

Fast forward 6 hours or so......

I finish work and get home to find the husband has bought PRAWNS (NOT Shrimp) for tea. Yum!

....the only other acceptable thing to eat today is Lamb. Cooked on a barbeque, after being encouraged by these... Seriously watch them. I'll wait.

I managed to watch part of the fireworks in the reflection of buildings from my balcony.


HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to you whereever you are. I hope your day is/was/will be fabulous.

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