Sunday, January 2, 2011


There are a few things that have made me happy the past little while, and i thought that that would be a good starting point back here.

Lets start with me thinking of 10 things, and if i end up with more, hurrah!

1. Christmas. Was amazing. Will post about it later.
2. One of my credit cards is paid off - well, some of it was transferred to another card, (at a cheaper interest rate) but same same. 3 to go!
3. I'm mostly loving work at the moment. Plus....
4. I applied for a new job, and while it was scary to apply and now wait, its a good thing and it makes me happy.
5. The husband got me a new computer for Christmas, and i just spend some hours catching up on blogs. Happy.
6. I have my sister in laws wedding next week, and while i have a dress and shoes, i gotta get a whole bunch more stuff but I'm not stressed about it.
7. Started to watch HIMYM season something ( i can't remember which) and its all episodes i haven't seen yet.
8. Now, don't judge me here..... but Jersey Shore. I have Foxtel, (cable i guess) and recently discovered MTV was added to my package, and i watched Jersey Shore for the first time. So terrible i couldn't turn it off.
9. The Husband arranging and booking our next holiday. Bali. Yes, i may seem like a Bogan Orstrayan, but I'm not.
10. WEDDINGS. I have a bunch either this year, or in the coming years. And I'm super excited.
11. Out of the blue compliments. I don't usually like compliments, but it did make me feel good.
12. Clean Laundry. Esp fresh from the dryer.
13. Not loving the heat right now, but the storm we just had, and the thunder rumblings. Beautiful.
14. Sleeping through (almost) New Years. Had no plans, fell asleep on the couch, woke with 5 mins for the fireworks (which are actually just down the street from our house - but we be lazy), and hearing them outside and seeing them on the TV, and then going to bed right away.
15. The husband cooking me dinner. It took him awhile to get it started, but it will be delicious to eat.
16. Happy friends. I haven't (that i remember) have any get sad or cross or cranky since Christmas.
17. Lie to Me. When we finish HIMYM we got Lie to Me to watch and they are just both awesome.
18. Before I die, I want to... Even though some of these are so sad -the hospice ones especially- but they make me happy about life.

I am loving this year sick.
And i could probably continue this list, but my dinner and HIMYM is waiting for me.

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