Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I think that even though they may be small and not lived many years that children can teach us a lot.

They haven't been hurt by the world or people yet.

They haven't seen the harm that can be caused.

They are still innocent, and free, and unashamed, and happy.

We could learn oh, so much from them.


I follow Post Secret on Twitter.

I think that that site is amazing.

Sometimes I can relate to so much of that, and other times, the secrets are so close to someone that you are shocked that they were able to write it down and send it in the mail.

Today they had this Tweet:

The site http://postcardsfromsplitsville.com/index.html (its so important that it needs more then a hyperlink), is just so heartbreaking.

While i do want to post some of the pictures that were drawn, there is legal junk at the bottom of some of the pages, so i shouldn't.

But in these i can see that these kids have seen pain and hurt and sadness, and that kills me.

These poor children have done nothing, except be children and now they have pain, and guilt and choice, that is never the right one.

Children shouldn't have to feel like that.

Children should be free, and innocent and happy.


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Selah said...

You're right, children shouldn't have to feel that. Unfortunately, stuff happens. But bad things like divorce don't ruin all children forever. They grow, they learn, they come to understand that life isn't always about sunshine and blue skies.

Children are stronger than we realize. And they become adults who are strong than they realize. :)