Thursday, October 15, 2009


I work in a call centre. Just letting you all know one more time, if you are new or forgot.

We are an Australian call center that is slowly getting smaller and smaller. I no longer have much to hate about that, to be honest.

Anyway, we have another center in Manila, Philippines. Now I don't know how much coverage the recent typhoonS (PLURAL) has been given, but i have heard a LOT about them.

A Facebook friend who recently moved over there from here, put up a few photos when the first typhoon was just starting and we hear a lot about it through work.

Now, I believe 100's have lost their lives and countless more have lost their homes and possessions.

That kills me.

While talking to a few of them on the phones, i have been told the following:

~ I have been off work for the past week cleaning the 12 inches of MUD and water from the first floor of my house. And it still not fully clean, but i had to come back to work.

~ I (and a few others) have been at work since Saturday, cause we couldn't get back home yet. (this was on a Tuesday or Wednesday) * Imagine having to stay at your workplace because you can't go home? I don't know if i could have lasted that long and stayed sane.

~ Lucky my kids moved to the second floor when the waters came, because otherwise, i don't know what would have happened to them. (the person was at work when the waters came).

And these are just a few examples.

Like i said, it kills me.

I could not imagine anything like that happening or what i would do or how i would come back to work, or what.

But i want to say WOW to those people.

Work decided that we would take a donation to pass on to the people who need it over there. They also decided that what the people donated, the company would match, dollar for dollar.

Now we did a collection on a Wednesday, (the day BEFORE payday when most people are broke as), and we got an AMAZING amount. They then did a collection on Thursday and i think Friday, and then this email was sent out to everyone in the company.



Manila call centres have been impacted by the floods caused by Typhoon Ondoy. Flood waters of 8 metres and 110kph winds have wreaked havoc on manila and surrounding provinces. The typhoon has resulted in fatalities, injuries and homes lost, affecting an estimated 500,000 people. In many cases the flood waters rose at such a fast rate that few people had time to grab even bare necessities or valuables.

At present we are aware of over 250 people who work within the wider work partner groups who have lost their homes and all of their belongings. Some of those victims are part of our Eastwood team.

What are we doing to help?

Being part of the wider work family, Work are providing immediate funds and assistance to all of our partners including Eastwood, who have lost their homes. This will help them with basic essentials such as food, clothing and ensuring they have temporary shelter. We’ve also developed the Manila Flood Appeal, working in conjunction with World Vision to ensure that any donations you may choose to offer get to those most affected (and get there quickly). We’re working with our partners at Work and in Manila to work out what else people may need. For now, cash is the most appropriate way to give.

What the Australia team (that’s you guys) achieved

I appreciate it’s a bit of a tough time for some families, therefore I am so proud to announce that to date, you have collectively donated to the Eastwood crew a total of:

$2,200, collected by Chris’s team here in Oz.**

• The company will match dollar for dollar each & every dollar donated by you (we’ll wait til the final count & let you know how much that ends up being)

• Donations will go directly to the staff who are most in need

You’ll be kept updated on the progress of our Eastwood colleagues as news comes through.

Thank you,


****Names have been changed and the company name has been removed too. Sorry, but gotta keep it private***

Now, normally when we do a collection, even on a payday, we dont get ANYWHERE NEAR THAT AMOUNT. The most that i know that was collected was $400 when we wanted to get the customer service boss a Wii for his birthday. And there was a lot of guilt given to get that much!!

I have to say, when we need it, my work family really pulls it togethor and that makes me super proud to be part of that.

*Just so you know, our building over in Manila has a place for the workers to sleep normally, as some people travel from all over the country side (like a leyland brother), to get to work, so rather then travel home at like 11pm (when work ends), they can just stay there til the next day.

** This figure turned out to be wrong, it was almost $1500, but i think they decided to get the company to meet the amount that was emailed. But when doubled, that $1500 still equals 126,090.90 Philippine Pesos. Still a HUGE wow in my head.


Miss Rosa said...

So sorry to hear about the tragedies.

Red said...

Its crazy, hey.