Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spring (or Autumn) Clean time

I don't usually read the blog i follow through google reader.

I like to see the colours and look of the blog and i like to see other peoples comments (sometimes), and I'm sure there is some way to read the comments too, but i just don't know how to do that.

Anyway, i followed a blog in the reader thing, and i thought, i hadn't read some of the other blogs that i follow through that in a while, cause duh, i hadn't looked at it!!

So today is Spring (or Autumn, i never know what season it is, at this time of year, I really only know when summer and winter is, yes, i just admitted that) clean day!!

Now, this might be my fault cause i don't read through the reader or what, but i found a LOT of blogs that i have no clue why I'm following? Some hadn't been updated since June/July, one even hadn't been updated since JANUARY!! I wasn't even posting then!!

So, i did a clean out.

I unfollowed at least 12 blogs. 12 blogs that i wont miss, cause most i didn't even read.

Now, how can i get this cleaning motivation to move from not just my blog following to my home? I really need it.

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