Saturday, December 19, 2009

Grief and Judgement.

I read this story today.

Now, while I can’t say that I would or wouldn't do that, I don’t want to say that she did the wrong thing, unlike some of the people who left comments on this article.

Let’s go over the facts.

She asked her older son to do something with the pool, (get a hose or something out of it).
He didn’t realise the gate didn’t shut. It happens. Not his fault.

Mum and older son were then working on something together.
She was not on the computer, or neglecting her children. Not by my standards anyway.

When she realised her son was in the pool, she called the paramedics.
She didn’t ‘tweet’ right away.

Not until the paramedics were there and working on her son, did she reach out for some help.
She asked people for PRAYER.
Just the same as if she had called her family/friends, and not used twitter, she asked for help.
What was she supposed to do?
Jump in and help the paramedics? Stop them from helping her son?

And then.
She was remembering her son when he was gone.
People write memorial posts all the time in the blog world.
People talk about their past losses.
People share with other people about them too.
This is what she was doing.

The difference is she had a limit of 160 characters. She had the thoughts of over 5000 people with her.

People grieve differently. People have fear and pain and they act differently.
Maybe she felt everything was out of control and twitter was something she had control over?

Like I said, I can’t say that I would or wouldn’t do that, I don’t want to say that she did the wrong thing.


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