Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuff that happened.

Today is my two year wedding anniversary.
We're having pizza for tea and then watching Dexter and that's it.
Last year, we had KFC. (and i don't think Dexter was involved).
We're low key like that.

I like it.

Maybe if our anniversary fell on a weekend and not a day we both had to work, we would do something but meh, either way, I'm happy enough.

Yesterday was my works first Christmas party.
Well, really it was the social clubs party, but same thing in my mind.
It was a cruise and it was quite fun.
My feet and legs were hating on my today though.
And my head was not nice to me either.
And i would like a LOT more sleep.
But it was worth it.

I'm a little bit more excited about the next Christmas party though.

That's all i have for now, cause I'm waiting on my pizza and am getting cross.


Selah said...

I know I'm a little late, but Happy Anniversary!. And wishes for many more to come :)

Oh, and iHeart Dexter! He makes me happy. lol

Red said...

Thanks. :)

And my gosh, Dexter. I thought the Thanksgiving ep was full on, but then, my gosh...