Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 - we hardly knew you.

I was going to try not to make it a lame post about the year past, but really, that's what it is gonna be about, so whatever.

This year has gone by so super quick, and i know everyone says that at this time of the year, but truly, this year totally has, (and i know they say that too).

This year has been a semi big year for you.

I went overseas for the first time. Japan. I liked it, the people were nice, wasn't so fond of the snow and not being able to talk Japanese, but it was nice all the same.

I applied for a job i really wanted and didn't get it. I applied for another job just recently and didn't get it. I started casually looking for a new job. (This is gonna beef up in the new year, for sure).

I turned 24, and that is old. I also spend the smallest amount of time ever at a casino.

I cried a lot.

I grew a lot too.

Here are some things that i want to change in 2010.

~ I will listen to better music more. Things like INXS (with JD and Micheal), and Jimmy, and Cat (or Yusuf), and Grinspoon and goodness like that.
~ I WILL pay off ALL my credit cards and actually save money.
~ I will keep my house (mostly) clean
~ I will get a new job.
~ I will be happier.
~ I will see my family more. Whether i go up (or down) to them, or they come to me.
~ I will turn 25, whether i like it or not.
~ I will have more FUN.
~ I will watch less DVDs and go to the movies more. (The husband will like this one).
~ I will take less holidays, but i will go on more adventures.

I hope i met them all.

And i will end on this overheard question:

"when its 2010, will you have to write '010, or just '10 when you write the date?"
They were quite perplexed.

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