Monday, December 7, 2009


I have an interview today.
Im pretty calm about it.
I thought I would be more nervous.
I was going to prepare for it on the weekend, but ran out of time.
Spent too much time watching "How I met your Mother'.
I didn’t dress up a lot, but the other guy going for it, (who is an idiot, cause he isn’t me), just walked in and he is dressed up. Dammit.
Im kinda OCD about how I set up my computer and what needs to be open where.
Don’t even get me started on if a program freezes and gets out of order.
Or if I have to restart one program.
Don’t judge me.
Anyway, the reason I bought up the OCD business is a sad one.
We have a new websense system at work.
I don’t know if I have spoken about this before.
It sucks and is crappy.
It used to block sites like Facebook, (but who cares, cause I have it on my phone, right?), and I don’t know what else, cause I had other sites that were not blocked.
I had my Twitter, and my blogs and sadly, Perez.
And because I spent most of my day with no work to do, this made me day go by.
Especially on Mondays.
I could relive everyone’s weekend.
Now, I have no Twitter.
Now, I have no Blogs.
Now, I have hours and hours to fill with nothingness.
And I can’t even request that they unblock them, cause they aren’t work related and they assume that everyone works all of the day.
Cry a lot.
Tantrum, even.
I do have Twitter on my phone, but its just not the same.
And I can read blogs on my phone, but its so hard. And uses my data.
I already yelled at someone who didn’t get that I NEED these things.
Also, I am posting this from my phone, so usually there would be links and fun-ness, but nope, my stupid work is punishing you too.

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