Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa,

I would like the following please.

One PINK Smeg fridge.

(I'll also need a bigger kitchen to put it in too, though.

One You are all I need poster for said kitchen

I like the red, but it does come in other colours too. I'll accept any, to be honest.

And if you can't get that, I'll also gladly accept the following:

(even though I'm not)

Cause who doesn't need one of them?

I also would like one of these:



And even though i may not wear it, i would like

this too:

Now Santa, i know that you have to deliver junk to all the kids, (really, do they not already have enough, with their no responsibilities and freedom? Really?!?), but come on now.

Thanks Santa.


Kate said...

I had no clue I needed a new fridge until right now. MUST HAVE.

Red said...

Its amazing right?
And you can get it in red and yellow and orange and blue too!!

(and the normal black and white, but who wants that?!)