Monday, December 21, 2009

Alone vs. Annoyance vs. TV vs. Jobs

Sometimes i think i would be better off alone.
Like not so much single, as alone.

People annoy me. Doesn't matter who.
They mostly all annoy me.
More so at Christmas time.

But i think it would suit me, most of the time.
I would get lonely of course, but then i could control it.
I think i have OCD, you see.
Totally self diagnosed, but still.

I have to know stuff. I need to be able to control the things that affect me.
Its bad. Some times its really bad.

I think i could do it.
The alone thing though.


I can't stand the people who put animals as their Facebook profile.

Sure, you will give your (correct) name, hometown, relationship status, job details and even your Date of Birth.
But a photo of you?!?
No, that can't be done.
Its not like someone can steal your identity with the rest of it, they totally need a photo of you to complete their thievery.

And the only photos you have are of your animals?
Really, you annoy me.


I started watching Chuck.
I have to be honest. Not really sucking me in.

Weeds on the other hand.
So much for this lasting the off season.
I have managed to get through 3 seasons in about a week.
And the only reason, we switched to Chuck was because we couldn't purchase anymore Weeds here. Gotta wait for it to be shipped from overseas.


I applied for 3 jobs last week.
With different companies.

I have realised that my job isn't going to get me anywhere.

3 jobs I wanted. Well, I wanted 2 of the 3; I just thought 3 was a better number to start with.

I have holidays in January, so I was only gonna start small. (Cos I really want my holidays, dammit!!)

One of the jobs doesn't start til 1 February, so that totally works.

One of the other jobs is a night job. Like earliest start is 9pm and latest finish is 7am. I don’t think I can do that one. I kinda want to try it, see what its like, but the husband doesn't think i should. Cause the whole not seeing each other, and it being further away then the other two. But that company is the one that i want. I don't know.

I have gotten 3 call backs.
One of them did a phone interview and arranged for an actual interview. That’s the good February one.

The other arranged a phone interview.

The third i haven't called back yet. I'm going to call them tomorrow. They seemed very interested though.

I didn't know that I was that much in demand.
If I had known, I would have looked around long ago. (Probably not, but lets say I would).

I have the actual interview on Tuesday.
That is scary.
Apart from the internal jobs, I haven't had an interview in over 5 years.
And before those internal interviews, it would have been at least 36 months since an interview.

I totally work well under pressure, so that’s not a problem in the interviewingness.
I don’t like talking myself up.
I don’t think what I do is extraordinary, so I don’t know how to justify saying that I am.

I hope I get one of them.
I need the change.
I don’t like change. But I really need it now.

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