Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little letters or something...

So i remember seeing this on someone blog, but i can't really remember AND i already kinda do this, so its not really stealing, really its just the title, but anyway.

Dear Glee,
I heart you. I really do. And i usually don't like singing.
Although in the finale, where parts of the audience was standing while you all were singing, cheesy and i hated that. Don't do that anymore please.

Dear illnesses,
If you come near me one more time this year, i will be very cross. Its like 12 days, come on now. In fact, while I'm here, current illness, please go away right now.

Dear Sam Worthington,
You are so fine, that i am kinda more willing then i seem about wanting to see a stupid movie about giant blue people.

Dear How I Met your Mother,
Marshall and Lily make this show.
Although, I'm not loving how angry Lily has gotten lately.
Whats that about?

Dear Credit cards,
We can be friends in January, i promise i will really try and pay you back in time, but it was Christmas, can't you just hold off with the interest for a little while?

Dear Michael C Hall,
You are amazing.
That is all.
Wait, no its not. I have to say, its a little creepy you married your TV sister.

Dear Job i applied for,
I know i probably didn't get you, and to be honest, i don't know if i still want you. I will be a little disappointed sure, but something tells me that it wont be my loss.

Dear Dexter writers,
OMG to the finale, first.
Second, i really really liked her. Sad.

Dear Christmas parties,
You kinda sucked this year.
Big time.
I don't know if i hope I'm here next year to experience another good one.

Dear True Blood,
Will you ever come back?
I need me some Eric.

Dear PostSecret,
I like that i usually end my weekend on you.

Dear Weeds,
I have heard good things about you.
I'm just using and abusing you in the off season, but you better not disappoint.

Dear Lips,
Why do you get so dry when i drink loads of water?
Should that not not dry you out?

Dear Etsy,
I really love you.
I wish i was a gazillionaire, so i could spend all my money on you.
I totally would.

Dear Robbie Williams,
I admit it, i love you.

Dear Spellcheck,
Stop telling me my words are not real.
The more you do that, the more i will question your spelling ability.

That's all i got for now, but I'm sure that i will continue this letters business, (if i don't forget)

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Selah said...

LOL I loved this! Pretty much your whole list is spot on.

Glee is AMAZING (i'm watching episodes on the internet right now actually lol) ... and spellcheck SUCKS. period. lol