Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sympathy or frustration?

I have a guy at my work who annoys me.
He annoys me a lot.
He also sits next to me, so that makes the annoyance even worse.

He is one of those people who will only work 9-5 (or whatever his shift is), and do the minimum amount of work that is needed to show that he actually worked.
Now, I'm not saying he should be off working overtime and through his lunch break and junk, but more then the minimum is all.

So that annoys me. Part one.

He also is one of those people who can't just sit and do what he has to do. If he is bored (even though there is work to do), then he needs to talk to someone. Or be in on a conversation that is happening. Or just be annoying.
OR, and this is the worse, (cause with the sitting next to him, he bugs me first) is looking over to what i am doing, and just randomly talks to me.

'DISCLAIMER: I don't enjoy him. Never have. Have even told him to change his nickname cause it annoys me. He didn't get that i was serious. I give him no more then one or two word answers and they are sternly worded. He still doesn't get it. 'END DISCLAIMER.

So that super annoys me. Part two.

But then i was watching him today. (Totally NOT in a stalker way)

And i think he may be doing this, cause he is lonely. Maybe.
I don't know. But maybe.

I don't know now, whether to feel Sympathy or Annoyance towards him.
He still super annoys me, but....

Ps. On a different note, even though i almost hate her, I'm really enjoying Bad Romance by GAGA.


Lora said...

we had a girl just like that guy. I didn't know whether to hate her or feel sorry for her.

Then she moved to Arizona and now I could care less.

Red said...

Hmmmm, how to make him move to Arizona...??

But i do have hope that something like that will happen.