Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can we just skip today?

So i woke up feeling fine today and now i want it to be over already.

I don't know why my mood changed so drastically, but meh.

Here is what has happened to me so far...

~ Paid rent - i hate paying rent, but i also hate that i want to own a house. Why can't we just be given one house each, WHEREVER, and that's all you can have. No more of this 'i own 16 houses and i don't have work cause I'm a gazillionaire' BS, and no more of this 'i wish i even could afford a house'. Everyone has one and only one, and then when your inheritance gives you, your parents, you choose which you want, and give the other to someone else. I think it works. Government, go do this now please.

~ Went to the post office. - i hate post offices. I esp hate the one in my building. The people that work there are so rude. Seriously people, if you don't want to work in retail, do something else, don't be all rude to the people giving you business. Ps. My dad is a postman, so my hatred for the post office doesn't continue onto postmen. I would totally love to be a post(wo)man.

~ The STUPID train barriers closed on my legs. - Now, I'm small. I only weight 50kgs (give or take) and I'm not all the tall. And i just know that tomorrow if i don't wake up with broken legs, (yes, it could totally take all day to break) i will have two massive bruises on my legs. AWESOME.

~ Patrick Swayze died. - God, why did you have to take this good good man? Why? I think i am sadder about this then all the other celeb deaths that have happened lately. Farrah made me sad, Micheal, i was just a little meh about, (totally the first public admittance of that), but Patrick? I LOVED Dirty Dancing and i probably wont be able to watch it again.

~ A stupid person called me for HELP and then MUTED me - I HATE that. I don't care if while i am working on the systems that you talk to someone else, just don't MUTE me. Its just rude. Never expect me to help you again rude person. (I may or may not have used the C word about this person after they ended the call. And i NEVER use the C word). Why do people make me do this?

So, now, i am 30 mins into my work day, and it needs to end now, cause the mood will just get worse and worse and i will get the stern 'Renee' from my boss which means he doesn't like my attitude, but its totally not my fault, it all the crap that happened which i had no control over.

So boss man, (he hates when he is called that, so take that!), i have no control over my attitude today. Or the amount of work that gets done, cause I'm in a mood. No control what so ever....

Oh and SPELL CHECK CREATOR PERSON, MEH and GAZILLIONAIRE ARE words. Add them to your stupid brain.

***Update: just so everyone knows, this is NOT PMS related at all either. ****

**Update #2 : I have this thing on my lip that is like a pimple but its not, and its PAINFUL. Its also not a coldsore, cause i dont get them. I think i might be dying***

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