Friday, September 25, 2009

Mash up - you know, like with the songs, but with my brain

I tend to have this thing where i start to write posts, but then i get distracted, (usually cause I'm at work, and work comes up), so i never finish the post. ANNOYING!! (so i misspelled annoying in my ranting and when i spell checked it, the only suggested word was INTERBANK. wtf?!?!)

So i thought if i just posted them all in one, then i could start with a clean slate. (that's my self diagnosed OCD there, i can't stand knowing that there are things in the drafts, i know I'm a freako).

  • I can't stand when people call me 'mate' or 'buddy' or anything similar when they haven't met me before. I am not your mate/buddy, jerk. Calling me that, doesn't make your rudeness justified.
  • People who get into a lift with a mirror and even though there are other people in the lift proceed to preen themselves. you need to stop now. If you looked that way on the way to work, then it s fine. Get over yourself. Or wait til the other people in the lift are not there.
  • I burnt my tongue last night while cooking dinner. I still can feel the burntness. I don't like this.
  • By no means, am i a spelling or grammar 'Nazi'. (I also HATE how people use the word NAZI for stupid things like this. And also, why is Nazi capitalized? ). You can tell this by looking at my previous posts. But the spelling of the 'kids' nowadays is shocking to me. I get that this is the age of myspace and texting and blah, but SERIOUSLY?!?!! I understand that the shortening of words is necessary in text messages and twitter, (PS. are you following me on twitter? If not, totally do it now!!), BUT if they arent using those forums, then why not write normally? I had a Facebook chat with someone the other day, and this person is younger then me, but only by a year or two. While i was writing full words and SENTENCES (!) they were writing words like 'kewl' 'hi5' and blah like that. I get the shortening, but 'kewl' for cool. ITS THE SAME NUMBER OF LETTERS!! I even had to write that i didn't understand what something they had written meant. Honestly. I think me writing that confused them. I look on my younger brother and sisters Myspace page and i don't understand anything that is written on it. At all. I think this makes me old. (and i just realized that i already did a post on this, but it still shits me enough to warrant another).
  • Sometimes i think about my life and really think, is this it? Really, is that all there is to it? I mean, I'm married, have a job, and a rented house.. But I'm a little bit hum about it all...
  • So it has come out that some politician was having an affair and fobbed off some of his responsibilities to 'spend time' with his 'lady friend'. Now, affairs are a bad, terrible, awful, disgusting thing. Really, this makes me him not a good person in my book. BUT!! What i don't understand is that his story is all up in the news and plus his poor poor wife!! I understand that with a job like that, (his wife is also a politician), the public is there and everything is out in the 'open'. But really? When is too much, too much? The 'other' woman, came out to the media, and was all 'i don't want to be named', but I'm happy to have a 3 page article in the newspaper written about me and the times we spend together... (she has since been named). I think its really really shocking that this is news. Is there really no other news in the world that we have to have this on the front (plus the next few) page(s) of the newspaper, and the first 10 minutes of the news? He could have been premier, (that's like a mayor in the US, i guess, but I'm not really sure) but now has resigned from his job. He still gets his pension though. So he is getting paid more then i am even when he stops working...
  • Double Standards. They annoy the crap out of me. I see them every day, and i probably use them, but still. They annoy me. Today at work, we had someone from our 'Desk' team on our level. They didn't want to work there, I'm not sure why they were there, and it meant one less seat for someone to use when we usually run out of seats. The call centre is full of geeks or nerds, i never know which one is complimentary, and some of them are gamers **cough losers cough** which means they sometimes spend most of the time playing computer games... or something like that... ANYWAY.... There was this one person (lets call him Steve-O) who got a first and final warning when they were 'resting their eyes' at their desk. Now, Steve-O knew they were sleeping, the managers know he was sleeping, but because Steve-O said that crap, he wasn't fired... Back to today and the 'desk' person... They were on my level, and the same level as Steve-O who got the warning... And they were sleeping... Not just with the resting of the eyes, like Steve-O, they were ALSO head on desk ASLEEP. The same manager who was all ANGRY ANGRY man about Steve-O, was all ha ha ha such a funny funny thing just happened, ho ho ho... (he kinda has a Santa laugh... for real).Now, if i was Steve-O, i would be SUPER PISSED, that someone who in a more responsibility filled role, was all just able to get away with the same shit that Steve-O almost got fired for...
  • I have been thinking over the last few days and here is what has been on my mind. These two songs make me wanna be a kid again. Hey Jude and Its a Mad World
  • Are you sure? are you sure? If you are asking me a question and i know the answer. DON'T FUCKING ASK ME 'ARE YOU SURE?' You didn't know, so yes, i am fucking sure.
  • I have this thing where I can't leave the bathroom stall when i know that someone else is waiting out there. I don't know what it is, but i know that if i am in the stall, and i can hear that someone is washing their hands, or has just walked in, i will not walk out until i can hear silence, no matter how long i have to wait. Its odd, i know. I just can't do it.I have no problem walking into the bathrooms, knowing that someone else was just in there, but I can't have people knowing that i just was in there. I hate the awkward conversation that happens while the hand washing happens, and I always think that i am being judged on my hand washing. Am i a psycho in thinking like this? I don't think so... I also do not like it when someone does their hair/make up at work cause they are going out afterwards. Its just annoying people.
  • Sometimes when my husband makes me really mad, and i can't do/say anything just as bad back to him, (I'm usually non-confrontational), I sometimes think that i should just pee on his side of the bed, cause that would affect him the most. I never do, but i just think it. That's not strange, is it?
  • I start work at 11 every day, so i don't wake up til like 9, and then am not really awake til at least 2. Yeah, I'm not a morning person. It really bugs me when people call me for help and they are all like excited to at work and perky and just up. They need to stop, for real.

  • I hate when people call me up and say, 'hi my name is (insert name) and I'm calling from (business name) customer service. Now, i ONLY take internal calls, so obviously they will be from the same company.

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