Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To my son...

I found this site a few weeks ago, and it is awesome.

I think i will be buying the book when it comes out, even though i don't have the idea of having an unborn son yet, but meh.

Its kinda similar to a book i own called, 'No Tattoos before You're Thirty - what I'll tell my children' by Sam de Brito. His book is for both his to be son and daughter though, so i can relate to it more so. He also has a blog which can be funny. His sister has a funny blog too, that i read religiously.

I have to admit, though, i love them both.

Back to the site...

Here are a few of my favourite:

6. Follow Instructions - You'll be done in half the time.

8. An hour with your grandparents is time well spent.

44. Remember birthdays and give thoughtful gifts.

43. Don't litter. Ever.

47. Watch a lightning storm from a safe spot. But watch em.

53. Offer your seat to a woman, no matter how old she is.

63. Send postcards.

78. Keep your word.

77. Never side against your brother in a fight.

81. Remember, the girl you're with is somebody's sister. And he's perfectly capable of kicking your ass.

94. Don't show off. Impress.

97. Finish what you start, especially books.

103. Offer to carry a woman's bags. Especially your mother's.

108. Sing along. But only if you know the words.

115. Short pants are for little boys. Decide for yourself when you are a man.

120. Spend time with your mother. She’s cooler than you think.

132. If you don't know what a word means, ask. Before it's too late.

145. Participate in a good practical joke.

144. Offer your name when greeting someone. Even good friends have lousy memories.

149. Don't let the ice cream truck get away.

158. The best thing to do in the rain is be quiet and listen.

165. On a night out with the boys, never be the first to go home.

169. Be nice to your sister. You are her confidante, cheerleader, and bodyguard.

175. Never leave a job without securing your next employment.

But when it’s time to go, don’t hesitate.

184. Jump in with your clothes on.

186. Have a favorite song. It doesn't have to be hip. (The best ones never are.)

195. Don't boo. - Even the ref is somebody’s son.

209. Take your sunglasses off indoors. This includes elevators and planes.

216. Make your own money. However, there is no harm in enjoying the generosity of wealthy friends.

220. Until you are a doctor, never answer your phone at the table. - That goes for emails, texts, twitters, and tweets.

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Lora said...

isn't that the greatest site ever?

I haven't been there in awhile, I wait until there are lots of them up there. I'm dying to know who the author is, and I'm quite certain that the kid has been born.