Saturday, September 19, 2009

Went to the movies today

There are parts of this post that talk about a movie, that you may or may not have seen. If you have not seen it, i probably totally ruin it for you, so sorry.

BUT!! Still go see the movie. It was ruined for me* too, and i enjoyed it still.

Usually when i go to the movies, it cause the husband drags me to see something that i probably wont like, and i just go so he can quit his complaining that we never do anything on the weekend. (watching downloaded TV shows is totally doing stuff, thank you very much!)

I went into it, not really knowing what the movie was about. I had even forgotten what the movie was, we (husband came too), were going to see until i looked at the tickets!!

But i have to say, i really enjoyed it. It was one of those 'love' stories. But not.

I had hoped there was a book of the movie, (cause even though i have now seen it, and know how it ends, i wanna read it), but alas, there is not. It totally seems like it was made from a book too. Like Juno. Movie writer, can you get on that one please?

Here are a few lines that i enjoyed.

Author's Note: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Especially you Jenny Beckman.

Rachel Hansen: Just because she's likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate.

Summer: I named my cat after Springsteen.
Tom: Cool... what was his name?
Summer: Bruce.
(i just added this one, cause i thought it was funny, and PS. my dads name really is Bruce, but i don't think he was named after Springsteen).

*I have to mention, someone on facebook made there status update: just saw 500 days of Summer. 'insert last line of the film' (I'm totally not going to say it, that's just rude). And i was waiting for that line, THE WHOLE MOVIE. Thanks person, just thanks.

So, anyway.
I have to say, that this movie was pretty good. I would suggest seeing it. There were parts that people in the cinema were laughing loudly and longly (totally a word, spell checker) at, but i just didn't get that.

In other news, i applied for a new job. Away from my company. It was a ginormous step, and one that i haven't really told people about, (i tell them that i am looking, but there is a big difference between looking and applying) the husband doesn't even know yet. I just hate disappointments, and one (or three) applications (for the same company) doth not a new job make. So i would hate to be one of those people i despise and be all like, well, I'm getting a new job, so ha! and then not.

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damo said...

Its good to hear you went for a job away from where you are now. It sounds like if you kept working there any longer you would rock up to work with a shotgun and go postal!!!!!

Remember if you want your life to change, you have to change it. Its not gonna happen by itself. You can do whatever you want, you just have to be willing to put in the hard work to get it done.
Yeah there are gonna be some shit times in your life, but dont let it bring you down, you gotta keep moving forward.

Dont let it bring you down.