Saturday, September 19, 2009

I forgot...

So in my last post, i had my movie reviewing hat on.
I know, hot right?
And i forgot to take it off and mention some other things that i realised whilst at the movies.

So in the previews, (which i love by the way, and i hate when I'm in certain movie complexes and they cut them out, ummmm, whats the point of going to the movies, if not for the previews?), and here are a few things that i gathered.

Although i thought that i disliked Micheal Jackson, i saw a preview for This is It.
And i think i want to see it. It really sold it to me.

They are remaking FAME! I wanted to cry when i saw the previews.
Does no one have an original thought anymore, that they have to remake, (and lets be honest, probably ruin), a awesome classic like that?
Now that Patrick Swayze is dead (so sad), they will probably remake Dirty Dancing... Although, according to Perez, they already started.

Preview for Avatar, or something was on, and hello there, Mr Sam.
Although that movie preview creeps me out. What are those things...??

Thats all i can remember. The husband wouldn't let me twitter my notes, and my memory is shot.

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