Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jerk Work

So i woke up today in a semi good mood, which is unusual, cause i have to work today.
But i was in a super good mood yesterday and it wasn't til 5pm that i realised that today was going to be Thursday, which means PAY DAY!! (yes, it really did take me that long)...

So back to today.

Taking my time getting ready for work, and msged the husband, (he works earlier then me, so leaves earlier).

He says to me, "IF you got paid, can you get me some breakfast". Which is totally fine, cause i was going to get something for myself on the way and would have asked him for what he wanted to. (he gets paid into my account, but monthly, so its just my pay)

BUT!! The thing that struck me was the IF part... IF i get paid? There is no IF. I worked, therefore i get paid. I have automatic bill payments set up, so I WILL BE PAID.

But nope. NEGATIVE $6 in my account. And the automatic payments? That would be 8 overdrawn fees ($30 EACH!!) thank you very much.

NOTE: One of the payments was to the company i work for.. Ironic isn't it?

Now i get that businesses make mistakes. I understand that, this is the second time in 5 years that this has happened, but fuck me. More then half the business is paid weekly. Get your fucking act together.

A LOT of my colleagues live pay check to pay check, and so a lot of them would have woken up this morning and been in the same boat as me.

I know of at least one person who had to jump the turnstiles on the train in order to get to work. Now, if he had been caught by the transit police, he would have gotten a fine of at least $100, but would work pay for that? Probably not. Yet, had he not come to work, AS HE HAD NO MONEY, he was would have been punished, and it would have been taken from HIS leave. So through no fault of his own, either option, he is risking HIMSELF.

If i hadn't had extra money last week left from my holiday, i would have been in the same boat as him, and i know for certain, that i would not have been jumping no turnstiles. What about the people who drive and can't put petrol in their cars to get to work? PUNISHED.

I know that i will not be doing much work today at all, until i get paid, i don't care what the consequences are. I'm currently writing another post and i know i will be adding this shit to the list...

PS. They have said that they will be covering the overdrawn fees, on a case by case basis, which means, my charges of like $200 probably wouldn't get covered on that case, and it would probably take a long time to get the cash to cover it...
Not taking into the fact that i now have to use my credit card and the interest fees on that shit probably wont be covered.

****BY THE BY****
For all you negative people out there who are going to be all, at least you have a job etc etc. Don't even bother. I have been working at the same place for 5 years, (longer then my manger, his manager and HIS manager), and if i work, i WILL be getting paid.
I know the deal in the states, but it is NO WHERE near that here, remember, we beat the recession, it didn't beat us, (says our prime minister), so just don't bother with the comments.

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