Friday, September 11, 2009


I don't like change. I'm one of those people who likes being in a runt, cause i have control over it.

I don't love being a runt, but i don't like it when someone or something else is in control of what i have to live with. Authority scares me.

At the moment, so much is changing, it is scaring me.

I'm having family issues, (see last post). And at work everything is all changing up.

There are new systems and other things that are changing and affecting me directly.
I don't like when i don't know how to do something that i should know how to do. I don't like that pressure of having to say, 'i don't know' to someone who is waiting on my knowledge. I don't like feeling stupid. Hence i don't like the new systems.

Today, there was a major change, and although not affecting ME, (yet) its affecting a lot of people that i have come to love and see everyday, and i may not see them as much or anymore. And i really really don't like it.

I also think this change is bad for the company, but that's my opinion and something that i can't change, so i have to deal. Shame, really.

Why can't somethings just say the same for a little while longer?

I don't want to grow older or different. I like who i am and what is around me NOW. I don't like that this change is affecting my friends SO MUCH and i can't do anything about it except pretend to be cheerful and positive about it.

Isn't there something that i can do to make it all stop?

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