Friday, May 29, 2009

Children these days...

Remember when if your parents asked you for help you actually helped? 
WITHOUT complaints? WITHOUT saying I don't wanna, but just doing?
Remember when your name was said once to get your attention and not 6 or 7 times?
Remember pardon or excuse me instead of WHAT..?!?!? or burping or farting with laughter?
Remember the days where if your mum or dad said no or stop it, it meant whatever you were doing, 
no matter what it was, it was dropped and didn't matter how much you wanted to do it, 
you didn't cause you couldn't?
Remember when if your parents said give it to me, you handed it over without a word of complaint?
Remember when you were told to go to bed meant you went straight to bed whether you were tired or not 
and if your were thirsty or wanted anything you had to ask nice and politely to get out of bed to get it?
Remember when if you saw something in the shop and you asked for it 
and they said no, you were sad but didn't complain or whinge.
Remember when you wouldn't even dare tell your parents to shut up even under your breath?
Remember when PLEASE and THANK YOU were commonly used in almost every sentence?!?!?
Remember when excuse me mum/dad was used 
instead of repeating and repeating louder and louder when mum/dad are already talking?

Apparently parents these days don't remember this.
Apparently parents these days give into their kids every whinge and complaint just to 'shut them up'.
Apparently, if mum or dad asks for help, it means I can maybe get to it,
by the time I finish doing all my stuff, 
and hopefully, by that time, mum/dad will have done it anyway.
Apparently, kids these days have VERY selective hearing, 
and can only recognize their name after the 7th time it has been said.
Apparently, pardon me, or excuse me, is for adults only, and is not needed. 
Its better to just laugh about all of the rudeness.
Apparently, kids don't need much sleep these days, going to bed when mum or dad do, 
and then getting up for school is enough. 
No matter what the studies say about kids needing more sleep. 
And if I don't feel like going to sleep even if mum says I have to, it doesn't really mean I have to... 
It just means I have to be quiet enough for her not to notice I'm not in bed.
Apparently, if mum says no, that now means that not really and I can keep going til she really yells.
Apparently, no in the shops mean that I can whinge and sulk til I get it... And I will get it eventually.
Apparently, shut up mum/dad is common and even swearing at the parents is nothing anymore...
Apparently, I WANT is used more then please, and I don't even know what thank you means...
Apparently, mum and dad respond to loudness more then politeness...

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I firstly, don't wanna pop out any babies 
anytime soon, and why I am scared about what the world is coming to.

I don't know about anyone else's childhood, but I don't think I had it 
any harder or softer then anyone else..
I just don't like what I see now.

Oh, I get that not all children are like 
this, HOWEVER from what I
have seen, it is becoming more and 
more common.


Autumn said...

thats because spanking is now outlawed and parents are threatened that "any form of physical punishment is going to be prosecuted in a court of law". And kids these days know that. So all they have to do to get what they want is threaten or hint at calling the social services people. Most parents are scared to death that if they don't give into the kid's every whim they will loose them to the state. Its crap.

Red said...

I just don't get it at all...

Maybe when I'm a parent, I will...?

Although, I hope when I'm a parent I don't HAVE to get that.