Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lying doesn't help me or you!!

Ok, so i work in a call centre. 
No, not one of those ones that call you constantly and try to force you to buy something. I work at one of those ones that you call when you need help. 
Only, I'm not the one of the people you speak to. My job involves those people calling me up after you have spoken to them and they don't know the answer. 

So, a little off point, but not so much. 

When people call me there are a few things that bug me.
But there are a few big ones. 

The first. 
It annoys me as much as those call centre calls annoy you. 

The second: 

While this picture is really cool, it kinda doesn't fit great, but it kinda does as well. 
I hate it when people are asking me questions, and they are questioning my answer. Seriously, you are asking me for help. Do you think that there could be a reason why I am in my job and you are in yours...?? Could it be because I have come across the same issue that you now have and know the answers of how to fix it? Just maybe?

Third is:

I hate when i have to say something 16 times, and the person I'm speaking to repeats it more!! If i tell you to do A, B and then C, it means that you gotta do A, B and then C. If you ask me, can't i do C, A and then B, the answer will be no. If you say, So i have to do A,B and then C, when i have already said it 16 times, my patience is going to be short. I don't think it is really that difficult. 

And the last one that annoys me the most!!

There is nothing worse then someone lying to me when i ask them something. I not only lose my patience with them quicker, but i lose respect for them, and know that they will more then likely not do what i advise them that they need to do. 
If i am asking whether you have done something and you either don't know what i am talking about and lie, OR don't care and lie, OR just lie just because. 
Do you think that i am asking you the things that i am asking for a reason? 
But its cool, keep lying. 

OK and now since this is post is like 16 pages long, I'm going to end it. There is so much more that i could complain about regarding my job, but these are the top 4. 

Ps. Sorry for the vagueness, the whole can't name super deep details re: the job, cause that would be not good for anyone. 

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