Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Helloooo, YES, Im talking to you!!!

A HUGE issue i have is acknowledgement. 

Now, I'm not talking, all ye bow down to me, cause I'm so great for just being alive, acknowledgement. I'm talking, i just said something to you, now its your turn to reply. I don't think that that is a hard concept to work with, but apparently in this day and age it is. 

So, i know you are probably thinking that i am like 50 years old, but I'm not, I'm barely in my 20s (and by barely, i mean almost 4 years into them).  I was just bought up to have manners and TO ACKNOWLEDGE PEOPLE!!!

I absolutely hate saying something to someone, ESPECIALLY when i have said JOHN, blah blah blah, important information, blah, blah. And then wait for a response that is never going to happen!! Even though i have gone to extra effort of including their name in the sentence to confirm that i am talking to them!!

Really its not that hard to listen to something for a total of maybe 2 minutes and then think and reply. Sometimes, i would even accept if the thinking before replying was skipped sometimes, but the replying..!?!?!? NEVER SKIP THAT PART PEOPLE!!!

And while i would love to have the all ye bow down to me part, or even a you're awesome at least once a day, then i would accept that too. But all I'm asking for is some gosh darn acknowledgment!!

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