Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its spelt Renee, not Renne, Renae....!!!!

A huge problem that i find super super aggravating is when someone spells my name wrong. 

I understand that my name may be difficult to some, I think that those 'some' need to compare my name to  people who have names like the following: 

  • Allisenne *Allison*
  • Breighanna *Brianna*
  • Destanee, Destyneigh *Destiny*
  • Emilee, Emmalie, Emmalee, Emileigh - * Emily*
  • Haelie - *Hayley*
  • Jennyfer, Jennipher, Jennafer *Jennifer*
  • Jessika, Jessicah, Jessycka *Jessica*
  • Maygun, Maegan, Maygen *Megan*
And i think i have enough examples right there. To find more check out this page:

Seriously, after that, Renee can't be that difficult right?!?!?!

Apparently it is. I received an email today started with 'Hello Renne'. Now, one would think if someone has to go to the trouble of selecting my name in the TO; field, they would be able to check the spelling before sending it, right? Again, apparently not. OR if they didn't know how to spell my name, and were too damn lazy to check, they wouldn't put it at all, right? Nope, wrong again. 
I understand if you don't know how to spell my name, fair enough, but when it is 2cm away from where you are typing, it ain't that hard. 
It just irks me. Its just rude and impolite and not nice at all. 

It also irks me that parents would name their children any of the names spelt the way they are above. You are just asking for a stripper child. Straight up. 

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