Saturday, May 23, 2009

I wanna go LEFT!!!!

So I use a laptop, (as opposed to one of those normal computers that sit on a desk.. ). 
And i have a rather old laptop, (its my husbands and he has had it longer then he has known me, ( which to be honest, isn't heaps long, but that's not the point.)

ANYWAY, back to the laptop and the reason for this post. 

Said laptop has one of those mouses that is in the middle of the keyboard like this: (in fact almost exactly like that) 

But also has the arrow buttons on the right hand side, cause sometimes buttons are needed, obviously. 

SO my issue is with the buttons, the left button is starting to be not friendly, and is bugging me. I don't know if it is sticking or what, i just know i need to basically bang it to get it to go back ONE SPACE!!! 

I use these buttons a lot, cause the mouse thing also decides not to play nice with me and it shits me too. 

But i can't get a new one, cause the hubby just got a new one on finance, and its just too too much on something i don't really really need. *another post altogether* 
Previous to him getting one, we both shared this one, AND downloaded junk from this one too, so Internet was not as easy. 

Anyway, i just needed to complain about that, cause it was getting to me. 

Have a fab weekend!!

Oh, and sorry for all the noncomputerness words, I'm not so much with the 'geekness'.


Autumn said...

I am NOT saying that I am an expert, but I do know a little about computers. It would take WAY too long to post the possible problems here for your slow {cough OLD cough} computer. Start with cleaning out the cache. (if you have internet explorer you can go under options, and then click delete history and all that crap, cookies and cache should be under there.)
Also I do not have a laptop so I dont know how well this will work, but on my desktop I let the kids get on the computer once, and they got hungry..... they made peanut butter and jelly ON MY KEYBOARD!! So i had to take it apart and clean all the jelly underneath the keys. I used a butter knife to pop off each key and then hot soapy water to get everything out....but again i DONT have a laptop,so if you do that, be careful!!!!!
Have you thought about calling the "Geek Squad" and asking them how much it costs to get your computer looked at? It should be WAY cheaper to fix the thing than it is to buy a new one. (Though if you are into buying a new one Walmart has GREAT deals and Emachines are made by Dell)

Yeah that's probably a long comment either way now seeing as to how I rambled. By the way the BEST way to get followers is to comment, comment, comment. On just about everyblog you find (and can understand, there are a few out there I dont understand).

Hope (any of that) helps!

Red said...

I accept all advice!!

To be honest, and even though this is kinda gross, it probably is some sort of food stuffs wrecking it, but like you said, I'm not too sure about the key removal thing...

I think I will just look into getting a new one eventually, and until then, just complain at the hubby til he lets me use *break* his too... :)

PS. Also did the comment thing too. ;)