Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have noticed more and more that shop keepers are getting ruder and ruder. 


This morning, i went to the usual shop that i go to every morning to buy some juice to go with my breakfast. This is a supermarket, and i get that they are semi busy, (but not really at that time of the morning) . So back to the example.... I have headphones in my ears, but make sure to turn off the music when i am in the queue to pay and esp when i am getting served, cause otherwise that's just rude.  The lady that served me this morning, did not greet me, did not acknowledge me, DID NOT TELL ME THE PRICE OF MY ITEM (i knew the price cause i buy the same thing, but still!!), and continued to talk to her work mate the whole time!!! 

PS. I always have a habit of saying have a good day, from my days of being a shop keeper, so i said it, but it was not repeated to me!!

Now, i don't think that i ask too much from the shop keepers when all i want is to greet me at the very least. That's all, really. The rest of the junk would be great, but not likely considering the way the world is now,but gosh. 

Now compare that to the other shop i go to, to actually purchase my breakfast, (yes, i spend way too much money on food that i could eat at home). 

The *super nice* lady remembers what i buy (yes, again i buy the same thing every day, i like routine, alright?) and asks me whether i still want that. She smiles when she greets me. She offers me extra stuff if what i am buying is on the small size, (not i know that's pushing it, but still!!). She thanks me and she says, 'have a good day/weekend' (dependent on the day obviously). 

Now I know the second example is way too much to expect, but still I just can't get over the rudeness that is going on with the shop keepers these days. Back in my day, ('cos I'm like 50 now) , you actually cared what people thought of your business... I guess there is either too much choice or not enough these days, so it doesn't matter anymore.

Ps. I get that people like to have fun and social lives in their workplace, and that's what shop keeper A was doing, but still...

Pps. Is shopkeeper even the right word to use??

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