Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ok, so I assume that this annoys 90% of people, however, I'm guessing that more then 10% of people do it, so all you who get annoyed also do it. 
So damn you people already!!

Anyway, a little of thought there. 

I catch a total of 4 trains a day. That's right 4, and i live like 30 minutes from my workplace, only that 30 minutes turns into an hour, (or sometimes a little more), if the trains don't connect up, or if they do, and stupid slow people don't get out of my friggen way!! Ps. I don't like to dawdle to or from work, i like to at least have some part of my day to me. 

I have no problem with people who can't move fast, not moving fast, so children, elderly, not 100% abled people (is that PC enough?), cool with all that, and them slow moving. 

Here are a few things that upset me in my travels: 
  • People who don't stay to the left ANYWHERE. This means, escalators, stairs and just general walking. See that space on the left who no one is standing still, that's cause people walk up on that side, which means you standing there is not only stupid, but is disturbing every other person on the escalator/stairs. So don't. Even though i have no followers *yet*, Amercian's to you, i guess this means the right. 
  • People who don't allow people to leave before they can arrive. Yes, this train is full, so in order for you to be able to get on said train, the people currently on it, need to get off, which mean you need to move. 
  • People who walk up the escalator or stairs *YAY to you doing something right* so slowly that they may as well be standing still. *BOO to you for doing that* 
  • Couples. Nuff said. 
  • People stopping at the top of escalators/stairs. You had all that time to work out where you want to go and you decide at the very top, oh, i forgot again, do i want to turn left or right, or go straight ahead. Not hard choices people. 
  • People who are slow getting off an escalator. I don't know if this is just me, or what, but the teeth at the end of the escalator freak me out like nothing else, and if i am anywhere close to them and not able to step far away from them, i start getting irked and just no. 
  • Loud talkers. Whether you are talking to another person who is next to you, or on a phone, no one cares about what you are talking about, so hush.
  • Seat hogs. So i have to admit, sometimes this is me, BUT if i can see that someone needs a seat, i would stand up rather then have to sit next to someone. I don't mind the standing, but the personal space sharing, not for me. AND if you have three people in your "group" you don't need to spread out on 2 three seaters. Really, you do not need that much room, especially in peak hour. 
  • MUSIC. I get that music is good to listen to, rather then the loud talkers or the announcements that you hear all the time, nevertheless, peoples music tastes differ. While you like not so great music, i enjoy better music. Therefore, shush. 
  • Elderly - I love the old people. Really, love them. They are back from the "better days", when people had respect etc etc.. But it really makes me cross when someone older gets on the train and no one gets up for them. I dont care where you are from or what seat you are on, its simple. They are old, you are not as old. They win. Same goes for people with babies growing inside them. They can grow their own people, you can not, (or not yet). They win. 
Now while, these are just some of the things that annoy me in my train travels, im sure more can be added to this list and i could probably add more after i go to and from work tomorrow, but all you people that do these things. Stop it please.  I thank you in advance. 

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