Thursday, May 28, 2009

I pay you to work, SO WORK!!

So i love the Internet. Sometimes more then life itself. Honestly. 
I love nothing more then coming home from work and sitting on my couch, getting my warm winter blanket (in winter), and then grabbing the laptop, and then Internet world here i come!!

Ps. How awesome is the picture? Very pretty and cool and i likey!!

However, there is one thing that i do not enjoy. And that is Internet dropouts. 

So right now, i work for a company that sells mobile services and broadband services, and i am one of the lucky ones that gets to 'test' our new Internet product. Now there are upsides and downsides to this. 

Upside: Free Internet ~ well free second Internet, since i can't really cancel my current Internet for the few months that i have to test this. 
Downside: Its the company i work for, so i kinda now know what our customers are going through ~ which can be an upside as well, but i don't really do the Internet junk, so downside for now. 
Upside: I can download as much as i want, and don't need to worry about going over my limit
Downside: The downloadingness, is slow. So can't really use peer to peer (is that what its even called?)
Upside: I got no more. 
Downside: IT DROPS OUT ALL THE TIME!!!!!  

Do i want to use the Internet after 11Pm? Nope, 70% of the time, drop out 
Do i want to use the Internet at about 7pm? Nope, that's when everyone else is on the Internet,so its slow or, that's right, drops out. 
Do i want to use the Internet when i come home from work sick and there is only crap on TV and i am too lazy to put a DVD on? NOPE!! That's when school kids are using it, so once again, slow and dropping out!!!


Jen said...

Slow and non-working internet is the worst! I can't believe I used to use dial up! Hope it starts working better soon!!

Red said...

Its as bad as dial up, unfortunately...