Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello..... hello..... hello..... etc etc

I have a thing that bugs me at work and i don't know if its just me, or does everyone get it too? 

I work in a semi large office, and my company is over a few floors, so you see people on your level, as well as out the front of the building and in the lifts, plus on the trains, and walking to and from the office to the station etc etc. 

The thing that irritates me is having to say hello and having that same awkward 'chat' with every person i pass. You know the one that goes like this: 

Them: Hey/Good morning/ etc. etc. 
Me: hey
Them: how are you?
Me: Meh, I'm at work. You?
Them: Good, story about their life i don't care about.
Me: Well, i have to go do work now. 
Them: Ok *but doesn't make the attempt to leave the conversation*
Me: *awkwardness*

Now, times that conversation by about 100. That's the amount of people i see face to face. That doesn't include the people that i answer on the phone. 

I hate it. I really really hate it. 

I don't love a lot of people at my work. Honestly, there are only a few that i really enjoy the company of. Those people i wouldn't mind having the above conversation with, although it would be a better conversation then that. However most people, if i didn't talk to that day or even week, except for work related issues, i could live with that. 

Is that so wrong? 


Anonymous said...

No its not wrong. Everyone has work people they don't want to talk to. I only really talk to people in my department and not to many other people.

Red said...

I wish I could only talk to the people in my department!! That would bring the number down to 8, but nope, everyday, hello hello hello....