Monday, May 18, 2009

Why does it fall to me?

So i will rant about work, I'm gonna say, probably 85% of the time, just 'cos it pisses me off the most, and i am there for about 85% of my day. 

The thing at the moment. My other team member. 
While i will not deny she is a lovely lovely person, the loveliness can get annoying sometimes, BUT my crankiness is wearing off on her, which i don't know is a good thing or not, but its entertaining to say the least... Anyway, the loveliness is not the most annoying part. 

Do you ever know people who have so much ambition, i guess is the word, and need to take the next step in their career? Well, that's her. So much so, that it feels like the job that i have been in for almost 5 years of my life, is just her stepping stone...  And while that may be great for her, put simply,  it shits me. 

Ok, so today. 
I come in, and shockingly less work then normal is there. Because someone else was in on the weekend and did it. 
But, i digress. There is a job out at the moment, which said team member did for almost 3 months, which left me to cover both mine and her work, plus train several other people to cover for her. Annoying, but meh. I so should be getting paid more, but meh. 
So today, the old person in said job started their new job today so there was no one in the advertised job, which of course meant team member had to step up and cover him, which then in turn meant i had to do more work. Super annoying. And confusing now that i have re read that. 

As soon as i saw the job advertised, i just knew that she would be gone, and i would have more work to do, and i set myself up for the leaving, but so soon.....??!?!?!?!

Anyway, I just read the title of this post and remembered what set this rant off. 

I had a helper helping me with this work today. And by helping, i mean, not doing anything more then almost nothing. 
YET, when they left, I had a need to thank them for their help.  Why i am i thanking them? They weren't helping me, they were covering HER!!! Should it not fall to her to thank them....?!?!?! What about the people that she was covering, should they also not be the thankers...?? 

And i think i am done ranting about this for today. 

Apparently, spell check doesn't think meh is a word... BUT, it doesn't pick up when an write i on its own, which one would assume i mean I, but am too lazy to press shift at the same time.....Spell check you are dead to me. 

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