Monday, May 18, 2009

And it begins...

So I like reading blogs and I like commenting on blogs, and therefore I figured the next step was to create my own blog. Makes sense no? 

I also *sometimes* really think about things and I feel that: 
  1. Facebook people may not appreciate my rants, nor do I want certain people to read said rants, or know about them, so shhhhh.  And I'm too lazy to set up the privacy so only certain people can read it, etc etc. 
  2. Twitter doesn't give me enough space, dammit!!! 140 characters just is not enough sometimes, *read: most times* and I don't wanna be all Courtney Love and just rant and rant over 16 billion twitter posts. 
Now, while no one is following me, I can feel like I am talking to myself, so that works too. 

So while see how long I can take this before I give up on yet another thing, or until people start actually getting what I am saying. 

PS. This is the starting "welcome" post, I actually have something to rant about, and then I just saw something else, so that's at least 3 on the first night!! Don't expect that to keep up, although things to piss me off often. 

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