Friday, June 26, 2009

Im joining the herd..

OK, i am noticing a theme with blogs today, and hmmmm i wonder what that is.
Lets see....
That's right.

Michael Jackson is dead, etc etc.

Now, I'm not a heartless biatch, or anything like that, but i have had enough and i need to blog, cos everyone i talk to about it, is all sad waa waa babies and wont have a CONVERSATION about it, but instead just want to wallow about it. Blah.

Now, i was born in the mid 80s. I'm not old enough (or sheltered too much) to have gone through a 'Micheal Jackson' stage. Unlike most people that i know who are older then me.

I got to know Micheal as "Wacko Jacko". The one who paid off a small boy when he was up against pedo charges. I knew the Michael when the whole 'is he black or is he white?' business was happening. I knew the Micheal when he was having random kids, (although from the photos i have seen his kids are beautiful, so no disrespect to them). I knew the Micheal when he was holding his child 'Blanket' over the hotel balcony. I knew Micheal when he went on that Documentary and i knew the Micheal that was in hiding up til today.

Now, obviously, i knew of some of his songs, i know the main ones, but i can't say that i have seen the whole clip of thriller, nor of we are the world (?), and i think i have only seen the black or white clip once.

I don't understand the big hoopla people make when 'celebrities' pass. i get that you know them, but do you really?

Do you know what his kids call him or what his favourite book or TV show is? Do you know his favourite birthday? Do you know what his friends call him? Do you what he is like when he wakes up in the morning? Or when he hasn't gotten enough sleep?
All of those things, i know of my FRIENDS. And my FRIENDS know these things of me.

Its always the same when a celebrity dies, and i don't get it. I am made out to be a heartless person, because i am honest when i hear someone crying about missing said person on the radio. How can you miss someone you don't really know?
I understand that you have his music, but his music is still there. I understand that you know that he is still there, but he was barely out and about.

Can someone explain this phenomenon to me please?

The same thing happened when Heath Ledger died/killed himself.
And again, i was being heartless, because i wasn't upset.

What also upsets me is that Farrah Fawcatt also died today. Did you know this? I doubt many people do.

It seemed like she a beautiful lady, who died slowly over years from a terrible disease that affects many. Yet, she is a side note from the fabulous Micheal. Like she is worth less as a person.
How can we let something like that happen?

PS. On a side note, it is my little sisters birthday today, and i am refusing to speak of death on what should be a happy day for her. I will not allow her birthday to turn into a death day. I had a friend who's birthday is 9/11, only before 9/11, but he was forgotten about that year which is just really really sad to me.

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