Friday, June 5, 2009

The Desk

At most jobs, there is an IT department. I guess thats what most other people call it. At my work, we have an IT department and a 'helpdesk' team, who are basically there when stuff goes wrong, with our systems, (in which case they pass it off to the IT department), or our computers, and things like that.

Now, their name is 'Helpdesk' but they are known around the parts just as 'Desk', cause there isn't really much they 'help' with.

I am not in that team, however some of the things that they do, make me think that I can do a better job, (how many times has this thought occurred for anyone?).

Most of time, they just direct the problems to another team to check out, or in the cases where it is a computer issue, and helpdesk can actually fix it, they always jump to 'have you restarted the machine?' OR if its a system issue, that you want to advise of before it becomes an issue for everyone, and has only just started, 'how many people is this affecting?'


Last week, I came into work, and needed to get to a certain site in order to help a customer. We have a thing called websense, which stops access to certain sites. This was one of those sites. HOWEVER, another person in my department COULD view this site. So one would assume that they could just look at her profile and make mine the same, no? Apparently, not. What neededto be done, was delete my profile, (which meant I couldn't log onto my computer, and therefore not work), and after 3 hours of phone calls between me and them, I was finally able to work. 3 HOURS!!

Now, normally, I would love to have been paid for three hours of work that I couldn't actually do, but at this time, through other issues, I was behind in the work I had to do, so I was NOT happy at all...

I just want them to read what has been written and understand it, and then just fix things. I don't think it is that hard. 

PS. I <3>


Lora said...


I'm totally using that around my office. Full credit goes to you, of course!

Red said...

So this happens at all workplaces?!?!? Damn, I was hoping to leave it if I left my job... : (

But you are totally welcome to use it. Don't say it too loudly though, they might hear and get cross.