Monday, June 1, 2009

And your name is?

I have mentioned my work previously, its a telco that has broadband as well. Not too shabby.

As part of my job, I take calls and I process the faxes that our customers send in, Fun, no? (The answer you should be saying is no.)

So one thing that I hate, (among the many), is when I am going through the many faxes that come through, I have to find your account, and work out what the issue is from both what you have written and what our reps have written.

If you put your name, and your name is something common, like Smith or Williams, or Taylor or even Ngyuen, maybe also include your account number. What? You don't know your account number? Thats cool, then put your phone number? Whats that? You don't know your phone number? How is that possible? So when you go out to the clubs and you are picking up, you have to ask your buddy, or look in your phone (where you have written it down), before you can give that cute guy/girl your number? Really? REALLY, REALLY?

Seriously, people that is something that you need to think about. I know that most people think in terms of the customer, but when you have sent in a complaint and you write, FIX IT NOW, and just include your name, as John Nguyen, it makes it a little difficult to FIX IT NOW.

Or even better when you write all your work contact details, if your work number, and email. It means that I can't even search on that info... Helpful. Or do you like giving me that false hope, and then shattering it?

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