Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ahem... Birthday... ahem.

Oh my gosh, I saw an ad for this site in the newspaper for this cool candle holder, (which i haven't actually looked yet...) But then i found all this cool stuff i want. My birthday is totally in 2 week as well, so ahem...

An Incense holder:

These are decals.
Imagine these being on your wall:

These hands kinda freak me out, but i still would love to see them on my wall.

And look at how awesome this table is!!
And i really love these mirrors too.

Like i said, this site is awesome.

Go buy stuff from there, if there are enough people going there from here, they might give me free stuff. Cos i always accept free stuff.

PS> There were way more that i wanted, but then you would have been here all day looking, so i stopped...

Oh my gosh, i just discovered, they have jewellery too!!

Ok, i just found the candles.
Awesome, just Awesome:


Alison said...

WOW those candle baby heads are creeptastic! I want one just to see what happens! Be cool if the inside wax was blood red.

My sister sends me lists, or as I call them, "the registry" for her birthday every year. Not a bad idea.

Red said...

Well, i doubt i will get any of these things, but i would love to do the list thing every year, I just can' be bothered.
Although, if a store let me set it up, like a wedding or a baby registry... hmmmm, not bad idea.