Thursday, June 4, 2009

Know it alls

I had training at work today.

For junk i can't talk about.

Scratch that, For BORING junk that i can't talk about.

Training is normally fun. At my work, its all about attitude, so they make training like that too... USUALLY.

Today, was:

Trainer: ' I need you all to log into the computer and read this web page and then tell me when you are done'

12 pages later and done. That's it. Reading from a web page. Excitement galore.

Now, every one has different reading style and speed, right? So its super annoying when someone who thinks they know everything about everything, gets ahead and says, 'oh that's great, this feature is good because of blah blah blahitty blah. I'm so so smart, cause i know everything', or something like that....

I can not stand people who think they know everything about whatever is being talked about, no matter what it is.

I wanted to yell so much in this training, cause almost everything the trainer was saying was wrong.

Why do people think that they are in training for?

Seriously, it annoys the crappola out of me.

Oh and PS. when I say thinks they know everything, they might know some special things about the feature, I wouldn't know whether they are talking about a correct apical thing, cause I don't spend my time outside of work researching geeky things.

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