Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been awondering...

I was thinking about this just a little while ago, and it got me awondering...

So I live in kinda a hooker filled area. Not only hooker filled, but where all the 'cool kids' come to hang out on a Saturday night. Now if you were to ask me to point any hookers out, barr a few, I probably couldn't. At least not on a Saturday night.

However, what I probably would point out the "slutty" girls. I don't know if anyone else is noticing this, or what, but I am getting a little scared for my little sister, as she gets older and the dressing gets more and more lax...

Now, when i was young, (cause i totally grew up in the 50's), it was a little inappropriate to dress in as little as possible, while still being covered. (Here i tried to find a picture, however, this is something i would not recommend).

But now a days, its just accepted. Completely and utterly accepted. I just don't get it.

I don't get it at all.

Why is it so accepted?

Why do we think its OK for our young girls to dress like Paris Hilton and the like? I have nothing against Paris as a person, (i don't know her, so i can only judge from afar), but the way she acts and dresses makes me sad for the future.

Who said one day, that this was OK, and can this person now say, no, its not OK anymore, stop and reverse to when people were nice and proper.

I just do not like it at all.

I hope that when i have kids, i won't need to keep them in a bubble, and have them feel different, because they are polite, and 'nice'. I hope that the time cycle, (you know the one, where old becomes new again, with clothes and the like), cycles to back to then.

Ps. I really like where i live, even though it may not sound like it, in this post, or another one on homelessness...

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