Friday, June 12, 2009

Judge Judy

So I had some leave from work the other week, first part of the week was spend in a different state with the in laws...

Second half of the week was spend at home, while hubby decided he didn't want to have more days off then absolutely needed. Silly boy, but excellent for me!!

Anyway, the one GREAT thing about being home when I'm usually at work is daytime TV.

I <3> Daytime TV.

I liked it better when I was in school and could spend from 11am til like 4pm on the couch just watching, (and then rush to clean up and do the stuff you were supposed to before the parents got home).

Those were the days of Ricki, (go Ricki, go Ricki!) and Jerry (Jerr-E, Jerr-E!!) and Oprah (when she was skinny skinny and then HUGE) and then when i had cable, MAURY (I ain't that baby's daddy!) and then the greatest show EVER IN YHE HISTORY OF TV.


Need I say more?

I love her. I would hate to wrong her, or even be her child if I was naughty, but I love love love watching her. More then anything in the world.

I arrange my day off around making sure I am home to watch the show...

My husband got me her DVD for Christmas (yes, there is a DVD), and he just told me that another one is coming out this time a double box set!! So excited! Sad I know, but my gosh!!

Anyway, here I am pushing the love on the judge, and really this post is about something.

I need to know people, I know that there are a bunch of 'judgy' shows but are people really really like that?


I mean I love the entertainment aspect and I wonder if the rulings are really real, but are people really like that?

I was disappointed that some Jerry shows were fake, but to know the judge was not real, that would make me so depressed and lose such disappointment in the world...

And I will end this with:

The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final.

Oh and PS. I found this link of her quotes.

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