Saturday, June 13, 2009

You ain't no friend of mine!

I hate parts of being a female. 

I dont know if everyone feels like this, but here is my rant of what i hate about it. 

I hate my monthly 'friend'. 
I know for sure that if someone I knew, (as in an actual friend), who made me be in this much pain on a monthly on basis,that they would definitely not be my friend for more then a month or two. 100 and 50% for sure!!

I hate that I get over overwhemingly emotional cause of this 'friend'. I just saw the ad on this blog ( i was blog stalking), AND IT MADE ME CRY. YES CRY!!! Not bawling cry, but there were tears. I hate that. That crying over dancing people ads is not me. 

I hate that I lose my patience when my 'friend' is due to visit. In my job i need a lot of patience. A lot. And when i have less patient then normal, i get called a bitch. Now, cause my department is now a group of guys, (some with partners, some without), they just think I'm being a bitch, they don't understand. I hate that. 

I hate that i literally can not move in the first day or two without being in overwhelming pain. Yes, i am being serious and am not exaggerating. HOWEVER, i do like that this means my husband is super nice to me, and i *sometimes* get breakfast in bed, but most of the time, all meals on the couch. That's a good part, but in no way makes up for the pain. 

I hate that my emotional state causes me to think, that he is thinking, what is it in for him, and then second guess the niceness that he is doing for me... 

I hate when my 'friend' visits on the weekend, cause my weekend is dead then. Completely dead. At least when i get this visitor during the week, i can do one of two things, either call in sick to work, (which to be honest, i have only done once or twice for this reason), or go to work and feel and look and act so sick, and weak, (cause i get all so weak that even if the pain allowed me to be able to move proper, my body literally would barely be able to move me.), so i get all the are you ok's? and do you need any help etc etc, and its great! I also get to dose up on nurofen plus's and that's good too. I feel guilty about dosing up at home, cause i don't need need to make the pain go away cause its not like I'm going to be going anywhere... 

That is what i hate. 

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