Monday, June 29, 2009

Dream a little dream for me....

I had the oddest dream this morning.

It was one of those awake/asleep dreams, where you had already woken up, but then went back to just sleeping and dreaming.

I think these are the only times that i dream, or at least the only times that i remember these dreams anyway...

So let the analysing begin.

So it started inside a house, i don't know what type of house it was, but everything was kinda of open, so you could see every room except the bathroom and the kitchen.
It seemed all very pretty and nice, and clean... which is not how i usually have my house.

So, suddenly i was in the kitchen, and it kinda looked like a kitchen i had at my dads house like 8 years ago, it was an old house and the kitchen was kinda built into what used to be the patio. The kitchen was all old still, but i had decorated it like i have my kitchen now, with photos and random junk, so it was actually MY kitchen. I turned around and saw in the bin (i know gross), were letters that were ripped up into small pieces but big enough to still read. At first i thought that they were my friend that is now overseas and i started to get cross, but then i realised they were from an ex. **who has never written me a letter in my life and i dont talk to at all anymore**


All of a sudden other people were also living in my house, and they were changing up the kitchen and that made me cross!! **I have never lived with other people then partners and family, and i just can't, cause i have self diagnosed OCD problems and things always have to be MY way**

Switch to me being outside, and the outside of the house being like an old farm house on a large property, but with another smaller house kinda behind 'my' house.

This would be my house, but also imagine a smaller one, to the left of it.

So even though I'm at the front of the house, i notice some people, (not my house mates), closer to the back, and recognise them as people i went to summer camp with, at least 10 years ago. (I still stay in facebook contact with one of these people).
So even though I'm at the front of the house, apparently i can only really enter it from the back door, so i walk towards these friends, and go towards the back of the house.
When i get to the back of it, it turned into one of those underground houses, you know the ones that have grass roofs?

Kinda like this
So we climbed up on the roof to go inside, and this bright light turns on and basically blinds us, and then one of the friends goes to go in, (the door is kinda like a sewer entry), and then i wake up.

Can anyone explain what the hell this all means?


Anonymous said...

Love that top image, very pretty and dreamy!

Red said...

It is pretty isn't it.

I just google'd Dream and it was there!! Fate!