Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DOCs and this baby dilemma.

Previous to working where i work now, i studied to work with departments like Docs and the like.

When we were half way through the diploma, (that's what it was called, but lets face it, it was a TAFE course. And that just adds to the problem), we were told, that IF we got a job with Docs , (out of one of three classes of 30, only possibly a max of 30 would get an INTERVIEW), it would be a lot more work then what we had in the course, and there would be a lot of unpaid overtime hours, that would probably be the same amount of hours one would normally work.

Imagine being told that halfway through a course that you may come out of it with an interview and that's it. For two plus years of study. Now i know that most people in Uni don't come away with a guaranteed job, i get that, but with the need of people willing to work in that field, its terrible.

However, what makes me so cross about people and when people talk about Docs is cases like this:,27574,25646601-421,00.html

I understand that this is a terrible situation, and I, like the father, would hate for it to my (future) daughter. BUT!
There is only so much a department like that can do.

There are guidelines that need to be followed and processes and procedures that need to be met. Just like any other job. They can not just come riding in and lock this poor poor girl away in an ivory tower until she is of legal consenting age. And that's what it seems like people want.

This is about two consenting people, (not adults, but no longer children), who made a decision, which turned out to have huge consequences for all involved.

There is not much that Docs can do without getting some sort of backlash from someone.

Lets look at another story that is happening right now:,,25649544-5008620,00.html

Here, Docs are trying to at least teach this person (again, not an adult but no longer a child), how to have a safe lifestyle. What is the other option? Tell the girl that she is 'naughty' and 'to stop doing what she is doing' and send her on her way? That is not an option.

So, what i believe is two sides of similar situations and Docs are wrong in both??? When are they ever right?

I understand that 12 year olds, or 13 year olds, or even 14 year olds, shouldn't be having sex, i know for certain that i wasn't, i don't believe i even knew all the different types of 'sex' at that age! But what are the other options available? Lock them away?

I am very sick of people all condemning Docs about situations like this when there is only so much that can be done.

I understand that this pregnant girl is 12, however, she was not being abused, (in the broad sense of the word), and she was consenting. *Yes, i understand that the age of consent is something like 16, but when asked if she wants to press charges, she declined*

And yes, I understand that there are cases where Docs have not done all that could have been done, however, that is not the point here.

But then this is just funny:,27574,25648889-401,00.html


How is this helpful?,27574,25654141-421,00.html

Lets make this 12 year old a single mother?

Good plan.

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