Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dear God,

I would appreciate it if you never gave me the hiccups again.

I know that hiccups are caused by drinking carbonated or alcoholic beverages, but well, I get them at least 4 times a week!!!

Usually towards the end of my work day, and a LONG time after drinking carbonated beverages... (at least 2 hours), and I would never drink alcohol at work!

But God you know this, since you are all seeing and knowing and that...

Wiki, which I think you would know about, says that the best way to stop the hiccups is "to just forget about them." A little hard when it hurts my chest cavity everytime I hiccup!!

God, if you could just stop me from getting them I would be grateful and all that. I would prefer not to have the chest pain and annoyingness that is hiccups.

And although people think me hiccuping is 'cute', thanks for making them cute, God, it's just more painful then anything else...

Thank you God.


Oh, and can you look after the soilders in war and get rid of swine flu, and keep my family and friends safe.

Now, Amen.

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