Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I dont re read my posts.

Im sorry in advance for this.

Im sorry for the i's when i wanted it to be I's. (although i blame spell check for that).

Im sorry for the misspellings.

Im sorry for the rambling.

And im sorry for the bad grammer.

I just can't re read something. I dont know what it is. When i write, my brain is going, but my typing, (while good and quick), just sometimes, can't keep up, and so it becomes a ramble.

If i was to attempt to re read it, it would change in my brain and i would just have to re write the whole thing and usually would end up with the same problems anyway.

So i just wanted to say Im sorry.


Lora said...

I don't re-read either. Then I will read a post that I wrote a week ago, catch a typo, and worry that people are talking about my horrid skills.

Red said...

Im just trying to ignore from now on.

Cause if I ignore stuff it didn't happen, so it totally works.

But this sorry post will totally cover every ramble/grammer error/misspelling until the end of time.
So it totally works.