Monday, June 29, 2009

Family time is fun time...

I went to visit my family this past weekend.

I love doing this. But i hate doing it at the same time.
I live in the city and they live basically, what could be classed as (and what my husband calls) the country. Its not really the country, but its far enough away and so completely different that it just is.

I love seeing them, and i don't see them enough, so its great when we do go up there, but i hate it cause it means that i pretty much have no weekend.

I finish work at 7pm every day, so if we leave right after work, we don't get to their house until at least 9pm. At the very earliest. No kidding. Now, we wouldn't normally, go up there right after work, because that means that we would have to take our weekend junk to work, and that's just a hassle.
But, if we go up on Saturday, it means a longer trip, AND we need to get up early, and that means no weekend sleep in. Boo.

And then when we come home, on Sunday, it means, to not actually just waste the day on the train, ( did i mention, that we don't drive? OK, we don't drive, we have a parking spot, but no car), we have to leave pretty late, so we get home late, and no weekend. : (

So seeing family = no weekend, which works out pretty good, except it means that we have to do all the weekend stuff after work during the week, which means, they usually don't get done.... Like the washing and the cleaning, and the shopping...

My little brother and sister also are kinda sporty people, (totally the opposite of me), so when we go there for the weekend, we either go watch them play sport, or they sometimes, don't go to their sport, (which is kinda bad, cause they need to pay for it at the beginning of the year, so its kinda wasted money...), but its more the sister then the brother that stops the sport, nothing stops my little brother from his football, and golf... No matter if he is invited to go see Transformers or not!!

So yesterday, my 'little' brother had his football, and this morning my sister went to soccer. We went to his football game and below are some photos of said watching of the game:

This is obviously how interested i was in the game...
(its the pretty clouds, and i have at least 5 photos all similar to this)

Myself, my little sister and her friend - not one of us looking the direction of where the game was being played.

This is the leagues club that sponsored the teams, i guess...
Anyway, there were these cute little girls playing over in that direction.
Obviously, its a little hard to see, but i only had my phone to take pictures.
Shoot me.

First photo of where the game is!!
However, i think you can only see one or two players...
But that guy fully in the picture is my dear Dad. He's the manager, which basically means, you get a chair to sit on and get to sit next to the players on the field. I'm sure there is other junk to do, (he was quite stressed before leaving for the game and had to get there like 3 hours before the game started), but, I'm really jealous of the chair.

So that was the football, i don't have any photos of the soccer, cause i would have had to get up at like 6am on a Sunday, and i don't even get up that early on a weekday for work. Sorry, sister dear, i love you and all, but i love my sleep more. Also, we took you to the movies, (when i could have gotten a lift (in a car) home, instead of the train) so i don't have that much to feel guilty about. Plus, we went to your game last time, and not his, so fair fair.

It makes me sad that i barely go up there, the last time we went up was to drop my little sister off, after her and her friend stayed with us for a week... Before that i think it was Christmas. I really hate that i can't go up there more often. I think it has to do with the no car thing, and the travel thing, and then no weekend thing, and the we like sleep thing. I hate that i basically only see them, for birthdays. (it was my little sisters 14th birthday on Friday, hence the need to go up there).

Oh, and PS. He totally won. The final score was 46-6 i think. I know it was 40-something to 6 anyway.


Miss Rosa said...

I like posts that are full of pics:)

Red said...

They are good, and will be good to look back, but its just the taking of pictures, i have problems with!!