Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dress appropriately, dammit!

**Please note when i say thongs in this post, i mean flips flops, not the underwear. Just wanted to get that sorted first**

So, in winter time, it gets cold, right?

This is pretty much common sense, one would assume, and one would also assume, that when its cold that people would dress appropriately to make sure they don't get sick or freeze to death etc etc.

One would assume wrongly.

This is what i see when i walk to work:

That would be a jumper, (or a sweater), with BOARD SHORTS, yes, the type you swim in, and thongs.

Now, has the world gone bonkers...?!!?

If one is cold enough to wear a jumper, then you would assume, that they would maybe rethink the bottom half of their outfit for the day, no?

I just don't get it?

I mean, i do not like the cold, (says the person who went to Japan for the snow season and is now organising a trip to the Australian ski fields, but anyway), i don't. I will be the first to get a blanket for the couch in March, and have the biggest warmest blanket on the bed.

I am the one who wears a big (almost) ski jacket to work cause i am just that cold!!

Can someone explain this stupid fashion to me please? I just do not get it at all.

In the summer months, i would understand it, minus the jumper of course. But its cold!! Do you want your toes to get frost bite and fall off? Or is that how you prove your manliness?

Oh, and PS. when searching on 'JUMPER' that was the best picture i could find. All the rest were jumper castles, (understandable), AFL (boo!) jerseys or dogs clothes...?!?!

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