Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wash, Don't beep!!

I have been up since 8.30, and that was after going to bed at about 2am. Why am I up at this stupid hour, are you asking?
Well, its because my stupid dishwasher.

It was GREAT, when I moved into my house a little under 6 months ago. The last place I was in, had a dishwasher as well, but it was an older one, that was a little crappy. Bigger, yes, but crappier nonetheless. This place in in, was a hotel that got converted into apartments, so the kitchen is small but a little fancy, and who doesn't need fanciness in their lives!!

So back to the dishwasher, its one of those, is it a drawer or is it a dishwasher type deals, like integrated into the cabinets, and draw like, so hidden. Even though, this seems cool, keep reading, it adds to the badness of it.

Now, when I moved in, this was cool. We only have a really small sink, so the dishwasher was a needed, not just wanted, thing. The dishwasher didn't come with a manual, but it was pretty straight forward to use, so no fuss no muss.

Like I said earlier, it was fine up until recently. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, it would continually beep and have a red light, now, considering it had a green light and didn't beep when it was working fine, one would assume that this meant that there was a problem, as I did, so I just turned it off and back on again, not at the power, (being inside a drawer, I had NFI where it was plugged into, so that would have been tricky)., but just at the button on it. It seemed to do the trick of stopping the beeping...

Anyway, lately it had taken to beeping and making a funny noise in the middle of the cycle, and not continuing it. Annoying, cause A) the dishes didn't get fully clean and B) I had to wash them in the tiny sink.

So I tried to get in touch with the real estate ( the 'bliss' of being a renter), but that was an ordeal in itself!! We signed the lease at a different real estate, and the real estate that we are leasing from doesn't actually have a website, or a way to get their contact details through the interweb! Irritating much?!?! (Also, the lease, own ONLY info re; the real estate, only has the ABN and no contact details.)

So I asked the husband to do it, cause, he had contacted them once before, its been about 2, maybe 3 weeks and im still waiting... (for him to do it, not for them to get back to him).

ANYWAY, I just go off on tangents don't I?

That leads me to lately, for some reason the dishwasher has taken to only allowing certain cycles to go all the way through, which is fine, cause it washes the dishes, but not so fine, cause about 10 mins after the cycle finishes, the dishwasher feels unloved and whether there are dishes in there or not, decides that it needs some attention and just beeps. Keep in mind, the cycle went all the way through and the washer had been off for a good 10 mins if not more.

AGGRAVATING!! Cause it wasn't just a matter of turning it off and then going back to whatever you were doing, it likes to play games, The whole attention thing. Once you have turned it off, a few mins later, when you are going back to what you are doing, beep beep beep, again getting up and turning it off. I had worked out a combination of buttons which made it turn off maybe the 3rd or 4th time that it beeped, so I was usually the one getting up and turning it off. The beeping didn't bother the husband as much.

This leads me to this morning. Going back to the whole being up til 2am thing. Just so you know its Sunday, and while I don't usually go to sleep that early, 2am is pretty late for me, when I was just at home chancing up on the US TV shows. So I get woken up by the lights at, I don't know what time. Husband has a habit of falling asleep on the couch and while that doesn't usually bother me, (cause I do it too sometimes, only he wakes me up to go to bed), he leaves all the lights and TV on when he does it. So I get woken up by that, but only enough so that I yell at him to come to bed, it seemed to do the job, cause he got up right away and turned everything off. (Sometimes, I have to get out of bed to get him up and then I get cross).

So I get woken up again, this time, I looked at the clock, cause I was pissed. 8.30AM, and this time it was because of the dishwasher and its annoying beeping. Let me just repeat, 8.30AM. I don't even get up that early for work.
So because im tired, im cranky and have less patience for the damn beeping. I end up sitting next to the dishwasher for 30 mins!!! By this time, I am really cranky and crying, cause I am tired and just want to go to bed, and the damn thing, just wont stop!! (Ps. Husband was asleep the whole time, and only woke up to tell me to come back to bed...)

It ended up that after me getting upset at the husband and him getting upset at me, not wanting to come back to bed, and him then realising I was CRYING that he turned the power off to the kitchen... Now this is both bad and good. Bad being, the fridge, full of food, is in the kitchen. Good, being that the beeping has stopped!!


Turning the power off did nothing!! It stopped the beeping while the power was off, however, about 30 mins after it was turned back on, beep-beep beep-beep...

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